Back in the Swing

I’m trying to squeeze in this post before we go for our nap. I wanted to thank you all again for the love being sent this way. I read every comment. I keep meaning to email you all back, each and every one of you, but as usual get distracted by Isabelle. But please know that I appreciate everyone who takes the time to write. And I’ll try to write you all back later.

Nestle’s limp from the biopsy is gone and she’s happy and playful like usual. Without any obvious signs of a problem, it isn’t this ever present thing hanging over my head anymore. I only think about it when I see the swelling in her leg. And though I’m not happy with the limited time we may have, I am content to know that we’ll try to make whatever time she has left with us happy and as painless as possible.

So back to regular blogging. I’ve been sewing and drawing and have pictures to share but for today I’ll share our Father’s Day. I hope you all had a nice one. We surprised Alan with breakfast in bed and a handmade card. Isabelle proudly declared, “I made it!” And then we surprised Alan with an outing to a paint your own pottery store, All in the Kiln. We just hopped in the car and I didn’t tell him where we were going.
Cups at All in the Kiln

I had the idea that Isabelle could paint something for Alan to keep forever and ever. I must have had the thought in the back of my mind from seeing all of Bethany’s painted pottery. I was thinking a cup. But Alan decided on a picture frame instead. He didn’t want to chance using it all the time and it being broken into bits and pieces.

We gave her different colors and just let her go. It started out fine.
Too many colors

But then the painting went the way our watercoloring usually goes, mixing all the colors together until they’re muddy. Then she flipped the frame over and started fresh. I got smart and only limited her to blue thinking I’d give her another color later. But then she got bored and stopped painting.
Picture frame for father's day

She was much more fascinated with the castles. Oh well…
Fascinated with the castle

6 thoughts on “Back in the Swing

  1. Ha! That is usually how Annalie’s painting went when she was Isabelle’s age. First, mix all the colors together, then get bored and wander off. :-) You’d be surprised how often something that looks like mud turns out to be a beautiful mix of colors once it’s fired, though. Seriously.

  2. a few years ago i had grand plans of having jerrett paint poterry for christmas gifts…i first was like i usually am when it comes to painting, trying to restrict him to only certain colors and telling him where and how to paint. then i figured what the heck, it’s his thing and i let him have at it. you’ll be surprised at how well things look after they’re fired. jerrett made tiles, a vase and some other stuff all scribbly and messy. they came out of the kiln looking very jackson polluck! just call it abstract!

  3. Haha, just like what my Hanhan will do when she got her hands on paint. Have not tried on pottery, no comments on how muddy colours come out nicely.

  4. No matter how it looks when it’s fired (even though I agree that it will be beautiful, just wait), her daddy will love it forever anyway :). We have some pretty funny looking (read ugly) art that our older kids did when they were young, and we love each and every one of them.

  5. When we took L last year, I put paint on her palm and pressed it on a tile, let it dry, then let her paint the other side. It ended up this kind of brown, blobby mess but I love it.

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