Daily Archives: June 23, 2008

Almost There

Pattern #12
I think I’m almost there, my perfect top for the summer. It’s nice, simple, AND I can wear a regular bra! Yay!

Patterns 11 and 12
It’s pattern #12 from ISBN 4579110439 again (or 9784579110438, I never know what number to put anymore).

I automatically enlarged it knowing that size was an issue. And I also left the bow off. As usual, I started with a muslin. I got as far as finishing the neckline and one armhole. That’s when I decided I liked it enough to use real fabric. But when I finished it, I didn’t like it! I actually stood there, looking in the mirror, wondering if I was very tired when I had decided to make it.

Gathers at the neckline

But then after wearing it a bit, I changed my mind. So, yes, I think it’s almost perfect. The only problem: the neckline is a bit low. Or maybe it’s too wide. You can’t tell that from the picture though.

On the weekend I wore it out and found myself tugging it up because you could see a little bit of my bra cup near the straps. Maybe I enlarged the neckline too much? I’ll have to figure that out and then I see this in a more summery color.