Daily Archives: June 18, 2008

Misson to Make that Perfect Top

Pattern 2 lengthened
This is another top from ISBN 9784579110438. It’s pattern #2, lengthened. I think it might be too long. I was thinking of making another altered version of this but I’ve changed my mind. I’ve moved onto something else.

Why? Because I’ve become a little obsessed with making the perfect top. And this top isn’t perfect. At my nephew’s 4th birthday party I realized it didn’t stay put. The gathering isn’t sewn down. It’s bunched around the tie. So as I was playing I realized it was moving around. It needed some fussing with to keep it looking the way I liked. I don’t like fussing. I just want to wear it and forget about it.
Rolling around like the kids

And yes, I want to make a top versus buying it. I don’t like it when I’m standing next to someone who’s wearing the same shirt as I am. Is that weird? And that won’t happen if I’m wearing something handmade. If it did, that would be sooooo twilight zone.

I have some criteria. I want something that looks good on me, is comfortable, and something I can wear a normal bra with. Though I do like these halter tops I can’t really wear a normal bra with it. I’ve tried a sticky bra with no straps on it but it’s just too strange. I wear it and it does work. But every time I wear it I wonder if my skin is absorbing some icky chemicals and who knows what. So yes, I’m on a mission to make the perfect top.