Daily Archives: February 18, 2008

Mr. Alligator

Alligator friend
Hee hee. :) My daily comic, continued from yesterday. Did everyone figure out what I was talking about yesterday? Or did you think, what a weird comic. What’s with her and the alligator?

Well, here he is, the monster.
Ahhh run away!
Run away! Run away!

Oh wait. He's not that big.
Oh wait, he’s not that big.

Mr. Alligator
Yes Mr. Alligator isn’t very big at all. He’s the same size as the sheep. In fact, he’s made out of the same bed sheet as Mr. Sheep. I imagined a whole menagerie of bed sheet animals. But I’m actually quite tuckered out, what with all the climbing of trees to get away from the monster that is Mr. Alligator. Wink wink.

Mr. Alligator's wonky mouth
Making this alligator friend was hard. Yes hard, hard, hard. See his mouth? It’s not quite right. The mouth on the alligator from the book looks different. It’s a straight mouth but then goes down as it gets closer to the body. Whereas mine is just straight. I couldn’t figure that part of the pattern out. The pieces didn’t match in that area so I didn’t know what to do. I think I’ll have to try it again, make a Ms. Alligator. That is after I’ve recovered from Mr. Alligator. Whoo making friends is hard.

Oh almost forgot. He’s from 978-4391624205. That’s the ISBN-13 number. The ISBN-10 number, which I’ve used before is 4391624206. Why the two numbers? I just learned about this right now. I was looking at the back of my book and realized that number wasn’t the same as what I’ve shared here before. Turns out the copied and pasted ISBN-10 that I got from Amazon is an old standard. I always wondered why Amazon Japan had an ISBN-10 and an ISBN-13. So I went looking up ISBN-13 vs ISBN-10. But it’s confusing because you can’t find this book on YesAsia using the ISBN-13. It uses ISBN 10. Yeah…confusing.