Daily Archives: February 11, 2008

Hello Mr. Sheep

Mr. Sheep

He’s a little rebel, a little rosy cheeked rebel.
Mr. Sheep's face

Why is he a rebel, you ask? He bucks convention! He’s different! He stands alone! (Literally, since there are no other sheep, yet). What in the world am I talking about?
Mr. Sheep's backward ears
His big ears are backwards, the cheeky fellow.

And Isabelle’s reaction (as a daily comic)? Because he sure doesn’t look like a rabbit now!

Ok serious talk now, or I should say sewing talk. Mr. Sheep (from 4391624206) is made out of an old, too small, ripped bed sheet. What fitting material for a toy sheep. :) And he is stuffed with filling from a pillow I made. I was impatient to stuff him so didn’t wait to buy stuffing. I ripped open the pillow and used the stuffing instead. So he’s totally recycled! Isn’t that awesome? So anyhoo, the sewing I was going to talk about.

I screwed up his ears, well obviously since they are on backwards. But not only that, they’re also larger than the rest of him. What happened was, for his ears, I sewed on the pattern line. Then when I started making his head, and it went wrong, I changed over to a .5 cm seam allowance. So it’s only a teensy bit too large but I can see it. So what do you think? Does he look mostly like he’s supposed to?