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Daily Comic: YEAH!

No. Just kidding. When have I ever talked about sports? NEVER! I couldn’t even draw a helmet off the top of my head. Or those big finger hand things. See, I don’t even know what those big finger hand things are called! I’m sure they’re not called big finger hand things. And the number 99. Does that belong to someone?

Yeah see…so not knowledgeable about sports. So why did I draw this? Because I couldn’t think of anything else to draw today. :)

Our Super Bowl Sunday

We had a fun Super Bowl Sunday, not watching the Super Bowl. Well that’s mostly true. We did watch a little bit. We got home in time to watch the last quarter. Before that we were at a museum for a Lunar New Year celebration.

Making a paper lantern
Isabelle got to make her own little paper lantern.

Isabelle loved her paper lantern
She was so proud of it, carrying it around.

Making a Chinese hand drum
And she also made a little Chinese hand drum.

Waiting for the lion dancing to start
Which of course she was so proud of too. Alan loves them. He wants to keep them forever.

And oh we already know how much she loves watching a lion dance. She was so excited, screaming, and jumping up and down. I used Alan’s cell phone to capture a little video of her screaming at the lion.

* Update * I’ve added a password: izzybear. I’ve decided I don’t want my videos search-able on Vimeo but I do want to share them with anyone who reads my blog. I’m new to Vimeo so I don’t think that option is available. This is the only solution I think.

**UPDATE 2** videos on flickr now.

We had so much fun. I think we’re going to go to all the family exploration events at the museum.