Daily Archives: January 30, 2008

Animal Mascot

Japanese craft book ISBN4391624206

So you may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been sewing much. Actually, not at all since before Christmas. I’ve been in a sewing slump. I’m hoping this will get my sewing juices flowing. This is the book I bought the other day, the one I was so impatient for, ISBN 4391624206.

I’m thinking about starting with an alligator:
Page 14, 15

Or maybe a little sheep:
Page 8, 9

That is when I finally finish the never ending list of other projects I have lined up. Oh and because I don’t have enough to do (wink, wink) here are pictures of the rest of the projects from the book. It is so nice to see what else is in a book before you buy it, don’t you think?