Daily Archives: January 26, 2008

Feeling Much Better Today

Thank you everyone. I’m feeling much better today, surprisingly. I say surprisingly because Isabelle woke up at 3am this morning and wouldn’t fall back asleep for two and a half hours. I was so grumpy. But then after some more sleep we woke up like normal and went out to plan and do errands. I think that’s just what I needed. While we were out, we picked up some things for me. They make me happy.
New shoes
New shoes.

Dinosaur cupcake mold
A dinosaur cupcake mold.

Playing with my I mean her play-doh
And Play-doh for me.

I mean Isabelle. I was actually giddy getting the Play-doh. The last time I looked at tubs of Play-doh, Isabelle was too small. But not anymore! I tried to find a haircutting one like I had when I was little. But they didn’t have one so we got a pirate one. Oooh I had so much fun with it when we got home. Isabelle just played with the cannon mostly. I made molds of treasure chests, anchors, and skulls with cross bones. Hmmmm guess it was really for me.

Daily Comic: Obsessed

This is what made me nauseous the other day when I was surfing the internet, play food. It’s my new obsession. I look at wooden play toys and kitchens so much Alan says I should learn wood carving. :) That’s not going to happen. But I am going to make some felt play food! I just need to get some felt first.