Daily Archives: January 16, 2008

Project Number One Again

I said it might take me a month to take a picture of this shirt. But it only took me two weeks. :) At first I was only going to show the above picture. But then I thought it’d be nice to see it on me, to compare to the last one. I actually quite like this length, makes it easier to get into my pockets or to pull up my pants which seem to be constantly falling down (I need better fitting pants).

I used linen and I have to say I’m not used to the wrinklyness. I mean I’m not some neat freak, FAR FROM IT. I don’t obsessively iron or do much ironing at all to be honest. In fact I think the only ironing I do is in relation to my sewing. ;) I am used to wearing fabrics that don’t wrinkle like this, cottons and knits. How come the 100% cotton I buy from the fabric store is so stiff unlike the 100% cotton clothes I buy from a clothing store? Ok off the subject. I’m easily distracted. Back to the shirt.

The length isn’t the only thing I changed. I didn’t put elastic in the sleeves. I’m not sure about it though. It’s a little floppy. The next time I make this, I won’t change the sleeves from the original pattern. Because yes, I quite like this pattern and I will be making it again.

Are you sick of seeing the incarnations of this shirt? Well if you are, prepare to hurl. Because I think I HAVE to make this at least two more times. I have two more alterations in mind and then I will be satisfied. I think.