Daily Archives: January 14, 2008

Month Twenty Eight

On Saturday Isabelle turned twenty eight months old and we brought her to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

Isabelle had so much fun looking at everything.

Hi rabbit!
She waved and said hi to the animals.

She tired herself out completely. She wasn’t freaked out by any of it unlike ME. I didn’t want to touch the dead stuffed animals (by the way which is very cool that you can touch them gently as the sign says). I was scared of the big brown bear. It’s another reason camping doesn’t sound appealing. I actually shrieked (well that sounds too loud, squeaked) in fright seeing the biggest insect, some creepy crawly thing, the size of the palm of my hand.

Playing vet
But Isabelle, was interested in it all. She especially loved the little discovery area where she pretended to chop up vegetables and played vet by wearing the toy stethoscope. Alan had to pry the little vet toys out of her hand when we left.

Month twenty eight family picture
And our monthly family picture taken at the museum.

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