Daily Archives: January 11, 2008

Another Old Scarf

Keyhole scarf
I haven’t done any sewing lately so here’s another old project that I’ve never taken a picture of. It’s a keyhole scarf, found the same night as the other one. I’ll have to check that box and see what else I have in there!

I tried to get Isabelle to model it for me. I thought she’d be accommodating seeing she was running around with a hat on. But she would not cooperate. She was too busy checking to see if she’d hit puberty yet. ;-) Will wear a hat but not a scarf

So I had to wear it. Sheesh it was hard for me to take a picture in the mirror. I obviously have no concept of where my camera is pointing when I’m not looking through the viewfinder. It took about 20 shots to get one that I was happy with.

Ok off to finish drawing my daily comic.