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Daily Comic: Caputuring Moments

I’ve been thinking. I like looking at art blogs and I love how some people are able to capture single moments in time. These little slices of their life in their illustrations. Sometimes there is no point to them. They’re just a glimpse into what they’re doing at a particular moment. And they’re doing it daily! I love the idea. Usually my drawings have a point like in the silly parent series or the cute baby series. But I never just draw something totally random from our life, just to document a moment.

So, I’ve been thinking…I wanted to give it a try for a month. I think I’ll be posting like regular (which means sporadically) and a daily comic will be an addition. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I should just make it for a week so not to put too much pressure on myself…well whatever. Here it goes!
Baby Poses

Tutu. Not a Hat. A Tutu

Tutu. Not a hat. Tutu
I’ve been trying to take a picture of Isabelle wearing this beautiful tutu, trying unsuccessfully. It came from Mary at Confessions of a Craft Addict . Thank you so much Mary!!

It arrived on Christmas Eve. When the doorbell rang, which always gets me in the ready for a confrontation mood (you know those door to door salesmen, no means no scumbag), I was surprised. The dogs were barking and Isabelle was still asleep. I went to the door (I would have stomped angrily to the door if Isabelle were awake) and what a happy surprise, something from Mary! I didn’t even know she had my address.

I eagerly opened the package and was greeted by this lovely little tutu. I had admired them before on her site and she remembered! Isabelle was still asleep so though I was tempted to put it on her I displayed great restraint and just laid it on top of her to admire the cuteness. When she finally awoke we of course tried to put it on her. As with everything, I so joyfully try to get her to wear, she refused, kicking and thrashing her legs about. The only way to get her to wear something is when we go out, smart girl.

So instead Alan put it on his head. I snapped pictures. But now whenever Isabelle sees it she says, “hat”. HAT.

I will get my picture. You just watch.