Daily Archives: January 7, 2008

Almost Like I Imagined

So remember I mentioned the other Christmas present that was never made. Well this was the idea I had in my head, a dress.
Dress for Isabelle

It worked out mostly how I imagined it. Except of course the finishing before Christmas part. Oh and giving it to someone other then Isabelle. Oh and the sash part. It looks just how I imagined it but the construction of it is where it all went wrong.
Close up of sash

Originally I was thinking a whole piece for the sash. Then I could make a different color and change it if I was in the mood (that’s because at first I couldn’t decide on a color.) But then I changed my mind, wishy washy aren’t I? I actually tied a test sash on Isabelle. She squirmed and fought it and then when I finally got it on her, she managed to get her hands under it so she was all tied up. That would have been a hilarious picture but Alan freed her before I could grab the camera.

So the sash ended up being purely decorative and doesn’t tie at all. It sounded so easy in my head. But then I couldn’t line it up evenly on the side seams because of the way I made the folds and it was just waaaaay harder than it needed to be.

With the sash trouble it took longer than expected to make but I finished it in time for the last get together of the year.

Crazy outfit
Hmmm…I didn’t expect her to be wearing so many different colors when I took a picture of the dress. A little crazy, no?
But it fits!
But you can see it fits! Finally!! Something that fits, just like I imagined! :)