Daily Archives: January 5, 2008

Wee! :) Wii :( Remembering Christmas Eve

Wee!! :) Wii :(
What do I want to remember from Christmas Eve? One is that I got to play with the Wii. Have you ever played with the Wii? It is so much fun! Alan said I hogged it. Why yes, YES I did, but only for a little bit. I was boxing, diving to hit tennis balls, lassoing, and shooting carrot juice at bunnies. The next day my arms were soooo sore. Then Alan tells me I didn’t have to play all crazy.

Sitting sedately
I could have sat there sedately and gave tiny jabs and hits. Yeah…why didn’t he tell me that while I was playing all crazy. In one of the dives I actually bruised my shoulder banging against a nightstand and then in another dive I landed weird and now my left ankle clicks when I rotate my foot. Should I be worried?

And what was Isabelle doing?
Christmas Eve

Having a great old time with her cousins, playing, running around, crying over being hugged, and trying to share her Curious George.
Watch George!

Oh and this moment, must not forget this one.
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