Daily Archives: January 4, 2008

Presents Not To Be and a Video

Ok. I’m getting back into the rhythm of blogging now. I actually took pictures today! Here’s the felt dinosaur (I have a very large head and I have very small arms. Love that line from Meet the Robinsons) from earlier. The pattern is from 0307345416. I used felt from my stash. I wish I had paid attention to the felt I bought. The darker green was either some wool felt or anti pill felt from a bolt. The lighter green wasn’t the same and you can tell he’s pilling up. Well at least he’s finished! Or I should say he has been finished for a while but I didn’t want to share pictures of him because he was a present.
Felt Dinosaur

Yes WAS a present but isn’t anymore. He was supposed to be for my nephew Ebow. But then my sister said that she didn’t want anymore clutter in her life, didn’t want to feel guilty about throwing away something I made, so didn’t want Christmas presents this year. That worked out great for Isabelle because she kept wanting to play with him. She recognized that he was a dinosaur right away. He wasn’t even finished when she grabbed him saying, “dine. RAaawwrr!” And look! I have video of her playing with the dinosaur.

You can hear the little monkey noises she makes now. Yes, our little monkey, climbing and jumping off of everything. She must have gotten the noises from Curious George. She loves Curious George! Oh my god, have I told you that she wakes up and asks for George? Yesterday she even did it IN HER SLEEP. I was laying there and I hear “George“. I look over, I kid you not, and her freaking eyes were closed! So yeah. Go look at the video of her making her dinosaur and monkey noises.

And this was also a present not to be. It’s the sewing I kept procrastinating with.
New Fabric

Well actually only the blue and white, Amy Butler belle, fabric. It was destined to become a present. I was going to make a dress for a niece but that never happened. But again, Isabelle benefits. She has a nice new dress now (pictures to come). Oh and the Amy Butler lotus wall flower green fabric is for me. I don’t know what I’m going to make with it but IT’S MINE! Mine bwa ha ha ha!