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New Colors for December

Banner for December
You may have noticed a change in colors on the main page. (Or not if you read my feed only.) I love drawing new banners. I can make us wear anything, even stuff we don’t own or would never wear. :)

Ok back to no computer time. I haven’t been reading my blogs or checking email. I mostly stayed away from the computer all weekend except for the new design. And technically it’s after midnight so I did manage to stay away mostly all weekend. My hands are still bothering me. So back I go into hiding.


You would think that I’d carry my camera with me everywhere. But sometimes I don’t. It’s such a bummer because Isabelle has had a lot of firsts these past few weeks and each time I did not have my camera. Luckily Alan’s phone can take pictures. That’s where this one came from.
First time in the dentist chair
Isabelle had her first time in the dentist chair. She was very good and did not cry but she didn’t want to open her mouth. Since it was her first time they didn’t force her mouth open but just tried to get quick peeks in when she would let them. They were checking for rampant cavities. They didn’t see any. Hope she gets my teeth and not Alan’s. Alan gets loads of cavities. But I think that’s because he drinks so much soda.

First time at optometrist
Another first: at the optometrist. Isabelle didn’t want to look at the optometrist. She kept trying to turn her head away while he was trying to look at her eyes. It seems one day she will be nearsighted like me. Damn. Wish she got Alan’s eyes. Again no camera but luckily with Alan’s phone I got VIDEO of Isabelle being silly. They had left a pair of glasses out and Isabelle was trying them on. In the video she has them the right side up but originally she kept putting them on upside down.

Finally sliding down by herself
And the latest first: going down the slide all by herself. Alan brought her to the park while I met up with some old friends. So I missed this first completely! :( But Alan caught it on video with his trusty phone again. This video makes me tear up. She’s getting so big. She finally wants to go down the slide by herself. WAAAAHHHH!!! Waaah waahh WAAAAHHHH. My baby isn’t a baby anymore and this just reinforces it.


I may not be posting on here for a bit. I have a couple of things on my to do list for Christmas that I haven’t even started with. I’ve been procrastinating. I don’t know about you but sometimes when I have something “big” to do, I just get stuck. It’s easier for me to push it aside for another day. I’ve been in that stuck mode for about week now I think. I haven’t even taken pictures of the finished shirt/dress.

Also I think I’m a little preoccupied, in research mode. We’ve been looking into getting another car. Alan got into a car accident in October and totaled his car. Don’t worry. Thankfully he wasn’t hurt. He was probably just shook up. I know I was when he called to tell me. I sat down in shock just so grateful that he was ok. I think it was probably around 2 am in the morning and I almost called Olinda just needing to talk to someone but it was 2 am in the morning so I let her sleep. At least I think I did. Eh I can’t remember.

I don’t know why I didn’t mention the accident here. I just didn’t. I almost took a picture of the damage to the car. I didn’t though. I guess I didn’t want to remember it. Alan had to have been going 65 mph when the vehicle in front of him came to a dead stop. And then the guy/girl stoned drunk underage or whatever took off.

So that’s what’s been going on. Or not much is going on I should say. So everything creative has basically come to a standstill and I don’t feel like I have anything to say. Funnily enough though, I have been updating Crafting Japanese. But that’s fun and easy and I get to look at nice pictures and don’t have to write anything really. And oh yeah I’ve been moderating the Illustration Friday flickr site. But again it’s nice to look at illustrations and not write much.

So yeah. Long post just to say I may go in hiding from my blog for a bit. If I have something to say I’ll pop back in, but if not, everyone enjoy your holidays and I will get back to some sort of semi-regular posting in the new year.