I’m happy to report there has been no vomiting! Yay! But today I woke up to this.
Nosebleeds like her daddy
Isabelle had a bloody nose last night. She takes after her daddy. Alan used to have bloody noses too when he was little. He still does occasionally, right out of the blue, something to do with the change in weather or I don’t know what. The thing is, Isabelle gets them when she’s asleep. I can hear her start sniffling and when I look down, sure enough I see it’s a nosebleed.

When she’s had them before we’ve freaked out, ran for tissue to wipe up all the blood, and tried to apply pressure to her nose. That of course wakes her up and she is NOT happy. She’ll be crying and she won’t let us touch her nose. The nosebleeds just stop on their own. So last night, when I saw her nose was bleeding, I didn’t want to wake her. She was on her side and luckily there wasn’t a lot of blood. It just stopped on it’s own again.

But here’s a question. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to wake her up and fight with her to try to apply pressure? You know this wouldn’t even be a question if Isabelle slept in her own bed. If that were the case I wouldn’t know until the morning that she’d had a nosebleed. So maybe the answer is to do nothing except make sure the room is humid enough. Yeah ok, answered my own question.

So anyhoo I noticed that I haven’t shown anything crafty lately. Well that’s because there hasn’t been any sewing going on. A lot of thinking about sewing but no actual sewing so nothing much to show. There has been, however, a lot of drawing and knitting . But knitting takes me a damn long time. I’ve been working on Miss Muffet again. Seed stitch, seed stitch aaaahhhh so much seed stitch! And it’s still not done.

Unending seed stitch

I needed a break so, in my oh so illogical fashion, I cast on something new instead of picking up something old.

Starting Mary Jane Pithy hat
This is the start of a Mary Jane’s pithy hat. I should be ashamed to use this yarn. Last time I touched it, I was knitting Uncle Angus. Am I ashamed? NO. I am thrilled to be starting something new. Absolutely happy to be making a hat when I don’t even wear hats. Yeah, like I said, ILLOGICAL.

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  1. Not that you would but you could have fun photoshopping that picture of Isabelle!! On a side note, poor thing I think I have had one nose bleed in my life I cant imagine a life time of them!!

  2. Plenty of humidity will help. Also make sure she drinks enough water/fluids. And a final tip: Swab the inside of her nose with a Q-tip with a little Vaseline on it to help keep those tissues soft. Not enough to hinder her breathing — just a very light touch.

  3. oh poor girl but glad nothing serious.. ashley has nose bleed before and it was really uncomfortable especially during the night when the bleed harden and block inside her nose so she tends to dig them out and it worsen the case where it bleed more!and infections prone. so it’s always good to clean them for her.

  4. poor little thing, I can’t help you on this one, I don’t think my kids ever got a bloody nose, except when they fell on the floor…

  5. Poor baby…I think she gets nose bleeds when she lays down because there is more blood pressure in your head when you are laying down.(like you lay down when you feel faint so more blood goes to the head). Of course you can’t tell her, “from now on Isabelle, you sleep standing up”!
    She probably just scratched a spot in her nose and every so often it oozes until it heals–set off by a cough or whatnot.
    My children got a lot of nose bleeds. It’s part of growing up I think.
    I wouldn’t worry about the occaisional!

  6. Oh my, so sorry to hear that !

    Maybe this is what the Chinese calls “heaty”. What i would do is to brew barley drink or Chrysanthemum tea to cool our body system.

    Hope this helps .

  7. we have the bloddy nose problem here too!! i use saline spry in there noses before bed time and that has cut down on the problem greatly!!! note: i use a seperate bottle for each of my kids(3)so we don’t spread any nose germs!!

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