Daily Archives: November 27, 2007


On Black Friday I imagined us spending it at home recovering. Recovering from all the eating, the I ate so much I felt nine months pregnant eating.

Ate too much

I didn’t want to get near a shopping mall or crazy shoppers. We talked about all the people lining up early and going shopping at 6 a.m. in the morning or midnight or whatever crazy not regular shopping hours. We were not going to be one of them. We would be snuggled up in bed or lounging about spending the day at home. No shopping for us.

But we screwed up. I forgot that we had a birthday party to go to on Saturday. We had already bought some books for the birthday boy weeks ago but wanted to get some clothes too. If I had planned better I could have bought something online or made something. But I suck. So out we went. Have I ever mentioned that I hate the mall? And the thought of going to the mall on a busy shopping day? With people, people everywhere? Accck!! I started drawing while Alan was getting Isabelle ready.

Shopping? The horror!
Aaaahh the prospect of going to the mall, the horror!

Aww no I don't want to go shopping
Of course I dragged my feet.

Why? WHY?
Why? oh why? Oh yeah…cuz we forgot to buy clothes.

Too many people!
I drove. That’s how we ended up parked so far from the store we were going to. I have the worst sense of direction.We had to walk half the length of the mall through throngs of SHOPPERS. The mall was full of them! Ok not full. It wasn’t too bad. Shoppers shopping! And oh my god I just realized I was one of them! If I were the type to hyperventilate, I so would have. I was grumpy, anxious, and unpleasant. It took the whole walk over and a kiss from Alan to calm me down.

Yay me!
When we got there the shopping went nice and quick. I got everything we wanted plus extra for Christmas gifts. And since it was black Friday I got 25% off. Yay! Hey, that’s why people go shopping the day after Thanksgiving! I’ve turned. I’ve become a shopper!

No just kidding. Never. :) Next year you’ll probably find me huddled in front of a fire, snug as a bug in a rug, at home. No crowds, no strange people, just family and leftovers. Yeah.

And tomorrow a post about the party. We were dizzy and lightheaded from the fun.