Daily Archives: November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. Usually we spend it with Alan’s side of the family. My family doesn’t usually celebrate holidays, only Chinese New Year. I don’t remember growing up with Thanksgiving or Christmas. In fact in elementary school I was in a spelling bee and got the word wreath. I had no freakin’ idea what a wreath was. And the example sentence was something like “you hang a wreath on a door“. What the hell? They might as well have said, “you hang a scakabloob on a door“. But I digress.

Celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas have become traditions for me since I’ve been with Alan. And as I said, we usually spend Thanksgiving with his family. But this year we stayed home. Olinda came over and I cooked food, too much food. Sage butter turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts, green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and an apple pie. All for four people.Well for three adults and a toddler. Actually for three adults. Isabelle didn’t have a bite at all. But I ate enough for her and three people! I ate so much I felt nine months pregnant. Why do I do that, just eat and eat? Not like that made a dent in the food. We still had loads of leftovers.

I was going to talk about the rest of our four day weekend but it’s late. I’ll get to it tomorrow. It’s time for bed.