Daily Archives: November 16, 2007


Carrot cupcake
I made the carrot cupcakes and success! Well almost. They didn’t come out wet sodden messes but they didn’t poof up as much as I was expecting. They are, however, delicious. I don’t even need the frosting. Yay! Less work for me. I only frosted two of them.

And also, YAY, I got three new Japanese craft books. THREE. As if I needed more. Alan actually asked me why I don’t take Japanese classes since I have so many books. :) Yeah why don’t I?

So where is the picture of the new books? Here. One picture for you. Of one book, ISBN 4579111494.
ISBN 4579111494
Am I being mean and teasing you? No. So why only one book? I had this brilliant idea of taking pictures of each project to share with everyone. That way you’ll know if you like it before you buy it. But damn that took a long time. There are 28 projects in this one. TWENTY EIGHT!

The light was bad and Isabelle was all underfoot. As a result the pictures just turned out a mess. But I had decided it was a brilliant idea so refused to give up. I then tried taking the pictures with a tripod. Still didn’t work. I would not quit. I ended up scanning them all in, all 28 projects. Then I laid them all out six to a page because I didn’t want to upload 28 pictures. (I believe I have my account set up so you can click through to the larger size.) Updated * I deleted the 6 projects to a page. I readded them as 2 projects to a page. Yes it means more pages to click through but they’re larger pictures this way. * And when I was done, I WAS DONE. Too tired to scan the other books. Too tired to finish this post properly. Another day. sleep. now.