Daily Archives: November 12, 2007

Carrot Cake Disaster

carrot cake disaster
I’ve always wanted to make carrot cake. So with this in mind, I made sure to get carrots during my last trip to the grocery store. I do this quite frequently. I buy baking stuff for when I feel like baking. But sometimes I never feel like it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought ingredients to make key lime bars only to have them spoil because I am just not in the mood to bake. But last night the mood to bake hit AND I had the right ingredients. So I decided to finally try making carrot cake, carrot cupcakes to be precise.

I was so excited! Mmmm homemade carrot cupcakes, little tiny cakes of yum. I read the recipe, added the ingredients according to directions, eagerly mixed everything up, and scooped them into cupcake liners. I set the timer and then impatiently waited 18 minutes while the house filled up with smells of cinnamon and cloves and deliciousness.

The timer beeped and I raced into the kitchen. I opened the oven door expecting to see little poofy brown delicious cakes. BUT I was greeted with tiny, wet, caved in disappointments. What happened to my yummies?

I reread the directions. Oh no! I FORGOT to add the flour! I knew something felt wrong when I was making it. I actually thought, this is all that’s in carrot cake? I should have slowed down. But the prospect of carrot cake in 18 minutes was just too much. What a disaster. And I couldn’t even make more because I didn’t have anymore carrots and the grocery store was closed. I was sooooo disappointed. I sat there picking at the cooked carrots, they actually tasted pretty good, but it wasn’t cake.