Silly Parent #36, NOT Sharing Ice Cream

Silly parent #36, NOT sharing ice cream
I was in the mood for ice cream. And the last time we had ice cream I shared with Isabelle. A lick for me. A lick for Isabelle. “Mama’s turn, Isabelle’s turn, mama’s turn, Isabelle’s turn.” Then I had this brilliant idea! Instead of sharing one ice cream cone why not have a whole ice cream to MYSELF and Isabelle could have her own. Great idea, right? I thought so. Well….not so much.

Isabelle ended up with both of the cones and wouldn’t give me any! No sharing with mama!! That’s what I get for being greedy and wanting a whole ice cream to myself.

I actually have video of it. I’ll have to post it when I ummm find my cord.

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7 thoughts on “Silly Parent #36, NOT Sharing Ice Cream

  1. Reading your posts about silly parents make me laugh, for I have the same problems with my daughter (22 months).
    And I like your banner very much – it’s great idea you change it seasonally. This one is brilliant!

  2. Hee hee. Smart girl!

    My ice cream strategy is to only eat coffee ice cream, because then it is for “grown ups” and sadly, I just can’t share it. :)

    Kuky says: Actually mine was coffee!! :( Hers was vanilla. Or I should say one of HER ice creams was coffee and the other one of HER ice creams was vanilla.

  3. i dont know. i think there would have been a mommy/kid throw down, cause there aint noooo waaay she be getting my icecream cone.
    sorry i do have my limitations, ya know.

    Kuky says: I was trying to avoid the “I am two and terrible” tantrum. :)

  4. Hee hee. You are a brave mama to give over the coffee ice cream. Though I suppose it has like 2 molecules of caffeine or something. :)

    You mean you can avoid the 2-year-old tantrum? I thought they were unavoidable! :)

  5. How sad. Mommy needs to be smarter than the baby! I am trying to out smart Andrew all the time :) We haven’t tried ice cream cones and are a ways from doing so but I can PROMISE you that NOBODY not even baby gets between this Mama and her ice cream. NOBODY. Mark my words. :)

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