Meeeam, meeeam

Sock cat
Another animal from the book Sock and Glove, this time a cat. They’re so easy to make. At least I think they are. But Alan said I worked on them for hours. Really? The time just flew by. I couldn’t have been working on them for hours…I don’t think.

Close up of sock cat
I wanted his head rounder. Round and fat. But it came out long and skinny. Oh well. Isabelle knows it’s a cat. What noise does a cat make Isabelle? Meeeam, meeeam!

Gloves soon to be softies
Oooh and some gloves soon to be some other animals. But first I’m going to wrastle a seahorse, like the way I wrastled the octopus.

3 thoughts on “Meeeam, meeeam

  1. I just looked at that book yesterday at the book store after oogling it online for ever. I didn’t know if it was worth it? But your animals are so cute…can’t wait to see what the gloves turn into…or the seahorse!!

  2. You mean to tell me sock animals come from actual socks and gloves? Oh, I finally get it now. I didn’t know. I love how the cat turned out! Now I want one.

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