Daily Archives: October 14, 2007

Monkeys on the Brain

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys . Last night we were watching Curious George. And this morning my sister called me and I spent WAY TOO much time looking at sea monkey kits on Amazon. Little monkeys in Mars landscapes, moon landscapes, and in sunken glow in the dark treasure ships.

And sewing with monkey fabric.
Close up of baby blanket

This was supposed to be a nice quick project. But it took a little bit longer than expected. I should have measured twice before cutting. Oh and cutting straight. That’s a good one too. Oh and pinning. Must not forget that. Pinning the 3 pieces of fabric together would have been a good idea. I noticed how much everything shifted after sewing one side. But did I stop, fix it, and pin? Nope. Kept going. It took sewing up the whole second side before I stopped. Rip, rip, rip.
baby blanket
Yeah this was supposed to be a quick project.

Oh and a bit of a blogging break. Tomorrow is my birthday and Alan’s taken a week off. So see you all when I get back.