Daily Archives: September 25, 2007

Isabelle’s Party

I’m finally recapping Isabelle’s birthday party. We still don’t have the throwing a party thing down yet. Alan was sooooo stressed that morning. And it didn’t help that people were in our reserved area again just like last year. He blew up at them and told them to leave after they said there was no reservation sign (which there was) and that we should have arrived earlier if we had reserved it.

Besides that rocky start, I think it went better this time around. It was less tiring since Isabelle can walk now and doesn’t need to be carried everywhere like she did last year. And we didn’t go overboard with the food so Alan wasn’t stuck in front of the barbecue grill all day.

Even though Alan wasn’t in front of the grill all day he did miss the cutest thing. Isabelle’s cousin was sitting in my lap crying. And Isabelle was trying to console her! She kept patting her on the shoulder saying ok? I wish I had that on camera. It was so sweet. Ok, onto the pictures.

Isabelle wearing her backup
Isabelle got a backpack from my dad. She wore that thing for HOURS. She cried when we took it off her to put her in the carseat for the drive home. She wore it when she got home. She wore it the next day. In fact you can see she’s wearing it in our family photo.

Isabelle in the pool
We went swimming. Isabelle held on tight in the beginning but then loosened up a little. Alan even dunked her under the water a few times!

my mom holding Isabelle sleeping
Isabelle would not let my mom hold her. The only time was when she didn’t know any better and was asleep. Ha!

Isabelle licking frosting
Isabelle licking frosting off Elmo’s butt. Hee hee!

Isabelle hugging Elmo
And after Elmo was all clean she kept hugging him saying Elmo, Elmo. She likes her Elmo. And that’s why I didn’t have the heart to let them break open the Elmo pinata.

And that was Isabelle’s second birthday party. Wonder what we’ll be doing next year.