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Wow I can’t believe it, I think it’s been a week since I’ve properly read my feeds. And I still haven’t caught up. How did so much time fly by? It was the damn learning php thing. It just gobbled up all my free time and I didn’t even realize it. But victory is mine! (is that a line from a movie?)

So you may or may not have noticed but I’m not on Blogger anymore. I spent hours yesterday after Isabelle fell asleep switching everything over to WordPress. It wasn’t working properly at first. I wanted all my links to remain the same but I wanted them to go to the WordPress side. So when it wasn’t working I had a bad feeling down in the pit of my stomach that it was because of all my Blogger posts that were still safely on my server. So I had to delete, YES DELETE, all of them from my server. Scary thought at first. But I backed everything up and gave it a try. And it worked! And even better, I still have the Blogger archive monthly files up so I can go back if I want. So that deserves a happy dance!
happy dance
Note: I do not dance like this. Hee hee I just like drawing my silly happy dances. I think I should draw a whole series of them…

I’m so excited because now I have the comment system I want. Now I just need to decide which works better for me, emailing people back or just editing comments with my reply in them. That might not be very interesting or important to you but I think that deserves another happy dance, because I am a goober.
more happy dancing
Note: I do not dance like this either, though of course I did briefly to figure out how to draw this…har har har!

Anyhoo, the title of this post: Jumble. Why? Because I’m going to blather on about something else. I was being a klutz yesterday and was running down the hallway and bashed my foot against a thing that was sticking out, the base molding thinger-ma-bob. OUCH! When I say bashed I mean BASHED. My little toe on my left foot is looking a pulpy mess. Ok that’s a wee exaggeration. It is bruised, swollen looking, and hurts. It does not look pulpy. How can I tell if it’s broken? I think I will google that. And a little injured piggy is a prettier picture than my pulpy little toe. Hence the picture.
beaten piggy

And off I go on another subject because I’m talkative today. (well I’m not really talking. You know what I mean. how about I’m writative today?) I just bought a doll for Isabelle on Ebay. I like handmade dolls but this one isn’t. But I got it because I need a backup. The description for it said it’s from 2002. So I must have bought this one five years ago. When I bought her I thought she was cute. Her name is Simone. I was going to give her as a gift I’m sure or maybe I was going to keep her, because I really liked her. I even bought an extra outfit: a pair of pink polka dot pajamas with bunny slippers. But the dogs got to her. She has a wound on her belly that I put a bandage on and one leg is now longer then the other.
Isabelle playing with toy
Well the other day I pulled her out of a drawer and gave her to Isabelle. And she loves playing with her. Isabelle keeps bringing Simone over with her shoes and says shoooo, wanting us to put on her shoes. It’s so cute!! So I thought I’d get her a new unchewed pristine dolly for the great deal of $7.

At the Beach

On Saturday we went to Capitola to celebrate my friend Olinda’s birthday and in her words Eat, do a little shopping, Eat, sun bathe, Eat and ummm let’s see… oh yeah… EAT! Hee hee! It was a very very long ride. It took us over two hours and after the first hour Isabelle was DONE with it. She started to whine, fuss, and cry. So as soon as we arrived instead of eating we let her stretch her legs on the beach. Except she didn’t want to stretch her legs.

keeping away from sand
See, this was the first time Isabelle’s been to a beach. She DID NOT like the sand. She didn’t like how it felt on her feet. She didn’t want to walk on it and didn’t want to be put down. She kept trying to raise her feet away.

sand on Isabelle's feet
That is until Alan dug a hole in the sand and started piling it up.

Alan digging a hole
Now it was fun! She sat there, grabbed Olinda’s hands, putting them into the sand saying come on!

Isabelle and Olinda
It was so cute. She sat there smooshing her little hands in the sand and throwing handfuls of it over her head, it got everywhere!

Sand on her hands
We need to bring her to the beach again. But next time a closer one.


It has been an ouch morning. My back hurts and my foot hurts. Maybe because yesterday Isabelle was walking all over me, literally. She would not go down at her regular nap time. She was flopping around, would not stay still, was tripping over me, and walking on me. I was just so tired I let her. Yes I let her stand on my back and walk and trip over me. She has so much fun doing that. She trips over me and smiles and does it again. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN! I’ve let her do this before but maybe she was smaller then because I’ve never hurt before.

And it’s been a week and my toe still hurts. It doesn’t help that this morning I put Isabelle on my foot. My back hurt and I didn’t have the strength to put her down properly so I sort of slid her down. RIGHT ONTO MY FOOT!

Sitting here drawing probably doesn’t help. So I won’t make it worse by coloring this. You can just imagine that I’m wearing pink polka dot pajamas. ;-)


Last night I was trying to get Isabelle to sleep. As usual there was nothing to do but lay there next to her until she fell asleep so my mind wandered. I started thinking about the next drawing for my silly parent series. And then it dawned on me. In my drawings, we don’t have ears.

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that before I thought. Why hasn’t someone said, hey why are you so preoccupied lately with drawing fingers on hands and feet that look more like feet when hello you guys don’t have EARS! Then I remembered that when I first started drawing Isabelle I tried ears and I didn’t like how it looked. So I left them off. But now every single time I draw us, I will notice we have no ears so maybe I will try adding ears again. So did anyone notice? And if you didn’t, will you now notice since I’ve pointed it out?

A Little Green

Drawing of me holding a little flower's hand
I’m going a little green, more eco-conscious. I sewed a fabric grocery bag last night. I’ll show pictures later because we’re headed off to the beach in a bit. I drew this right after sewing. At first the idea was to color me a lovely shade of green. But sometimes the idea is better than the reality. Me green wasn’t so lovely after all, no matter how many different shades I tried. So I needed another idea. Instead here I am being friendly with “nature”.

Anyhoo back to what I was saying. Alan thinks I’m going a little crazy. Well besides the sewing my own grocery bag there’s the conserving of water. You know the whole, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.” For two days I had this, I thought brilliant, idea of using some of our bath water to flush the toilet. Before this “brilliant” plan I was catching water in a bucket as it was warming up for our shower. But then I thought oh how much more I could save if I just use our bathwater. I would just scoop some out with a bucket and pour it directly into the bowl. It made me feel so good. I didn’t have to flush at all! But again the idea is better than the reality. Having some dirty bathwater sitting in the tub all day. YECK! Back to catching a little water in the bucket. So I need another idea. Any suggestions out there?

Oh more later. Off we go!