Daily Archives: May 21, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday we went to Maker Faire. I enjoyed it very much, just like last year, unlike poor Alan. There was so much to look at I didn’t even get to see it all. Last year I went for the knitting but this year I was more interested in the sewing. I wanted to arrive by noon for the Bias Tape Tote demo by Belle Epoque but of course we didn’t arrive until after 12:30 P.M. Bummer.

But that was right in time for the Coke and Mentos demo by Eepybird. I didn’t bring my camera but this photo was found on Flickr taken by kwc. And if you look you can actually see Alan and Isabelle in it! We sat right up front and they warned us that we might get hit by Diet Coke. But we didn’t care. It was great!

Another thing I really enjoyed, Lotta Jansdotter’s talk.

Another picture found on Flickr taken by Ape Do Good Printing. Even though there wasn’t a demo I really enjoyed her talk. She was charming and funny. I especially liked her answers in regards to if she found sewing meditative like how some people find knitting. She very honestly replied no because she’s just trying to get it done. Ha ha ha! And then to the answer of how she balances being a new mother with work her answer was she doesn’t. That’s why she hired a nanny. So funny! :)

And the coolest thing! While I was sitting there a family came up and I saw the little boy first and thought hmmm…he looks familiar. And then the little boy’s mom turned to me and asked if I was Kuky. Imagine my confusion, someone who I did not recognize at all knew me. It turns out it was Joyce from Slate Blu! I’ve never seen a picture of her only her children Jason and Ava. No wonder the little boy looked familiar, I read Joyce’s blog regularly. Hee hee hee! How very cool that they jut happened to sit down right next to me.

And this is what I bought:

Clips from NifNaks. Actually the purple octopus was a desk companion. I asked if they had one as a clip but they didn’t so they kindly offered to sew it on for me!!

I just had to have them. I knew it was something I wouldn’t make and they make me sooooo happy. Just the thought of these big things in Isabelle’s hair….bwa ha ha ha!!

The clips are sitting on top of a shelf right now and I smile every time I see them.

Then on Sunday we went to a family party. Here is Isabelle playing with her uncle.

I really enjoy going to family parties because of Isabelle, all those kids around. And no new dress for Isabelle to wear. We put it on and it’s too big. So I’m working on a new one with the gocco fabric I made.