Daily Archives: May 14, 2007


I won Est’s Cuppa’tastic-SpeckAway and received this adorable pincushion and matching brooch. Thank you Est!! She also sent along some very cute hair clips. And hair clips we can always use. It’s one of those things that we seem to misplace with alarming frequency. Maybe they are like socks and dryers. I am very careful with my hair accessories. But with Isabelle they fall out of her hair, she pulls them out, or puts them in the crack between the bed and the wall. Ah…Isabelle and hair accessories, my supply has dwindled very low due to that little munchkin. And buying more just means more for her to lose. So if you see me out with mismatched clips, you know why.

So when I opened the package from Est we of course tried one of the hair clips on and Isabelle immediately snatched the other cute orange butterfly hair clips and was playing with them. So I tried to wait her out. Do you know what I’m talking about? To avoid the dramatic overreaction of tears and wailing when taking something away you just wait a little bit until she becomes interested in something else. Then you can safely retrieve your item without wailing and tears. Well that happened but I forgot to take pictures!

And now it’s been weeks since I received the lovely package from Est and haven’t posted about it. I wanted to put the brooch on Isabelle and all the clips (because how cute would that be) but of course she wasn’t cooperating. She was running away down the hall and smiling and laughing and yanking the clips out of her hair. I did get this shot though. :)


Oh yeah…meant to ask. Did you get my email Est? I am worried it is broken for sure if you did not receive the second one.