Daily Archives: May 8, 2007

Miss Twiss Hustle Bustle Skirt

You know, I have this problem with buying fabric on sale that I don’t really love but I buy it anyways because SALE!! Well this fabric is just that kind of fabric, sale fabric. And from online. And when it got here…OH MY GAWD…bright neon green and what?! not cotton but polyester or something? Yeah I should have read before getting all excited at crazy colored sale fabric and buying it. It doesn’t look that bad in these pictures but let me tell you it is blinding. B.L.I.N.D.I.N.G! I mean really bright green. Here it looks sort of nice and muted but in person, aaack!

Maybe that’s why it took me forever to take pictures. Well how long exactly is forever? Well I made this back in January. In fact I made it right before this dress for Isabelle. Yeah, that long ago. The pattern is Miss Twiss’ Hustle Bustle. I’ve never worn it out since it’s so bright. And I never did figure out how to twist and turn the bustle under to hide the key hole. In these pictures there is a gaping hole at the back that I just pulled my shirt down to cover.

And gawd was it hard to take pictures by myself of myself. I just hurriedly plopped the camera on the arm of the couch, hit the timer, and hoped Isabelle wouldn’t go knocking it off. In my rush, little did I notice what Isabelle was doing. Hee hee, my silly girl. Just wish the picture of her had come out clearer.

Oh, and what made me finally take pictures? Isabelle found it lying around and was dragging it all over the house so I thought hey…I guess I’ll take a picture now.