Silly Parent #30, Letting it All Hang Out

Isabelle had her eighteen month checkup a few days ago. She now weighs 27 lbs 5 oz and she’s 2 feet 9 inches tall. That’s 84 percentile for weight and 80 percentile for height.

Isabelle also had shots. Or actually just one shot. And it’s not shot. It’s S..H..O..T!!! (said in tones of dread). Usually I breastfeed her while she’s getting her shot and that seems to make her feel better and she doesn’t cry as much. But that didn’t really work the last time because she didn’t want to breastfeed.

Well this time she did breastfeed but as soon as the nurse stuck her she pulled off and was crying a little worse than usual. She didn’t want to drink anymore and wouldn’t take her eyes off of the nurse, as if she suspected that she might sneak up and stick her again. I wonder if she remembers her from the last time she had shots?

So I thought, let’s get her out of here quick! So off we went. I didn’t even notice that my shirt was all undone. Maybe that’s why everyone was looking at me funny.

And then yesterday when we were at home, Isabelle was having a little drink. She then dragged me off to the window and pushed aside the curtain to look out. And I was just standing there waving at our neighbor as she walked by.

Ha ha ha! Late April Fool’s. At the hospital I wasn’t walking around showing my goods. My shirt was undone, I think my nursing bra was up, BUT I was carrying Isabelle so she was covering the boob area. And yesterday I didn’t see a neighbor walk by either. Are you reading between the lines though? Nobody walked by but ummm yes…I was standing there letting it all hang out.

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4 thoughts on “Silly Parent #30, Letting it All Hang Out

  1. haha!!–good one!
    i just took my 4 year old for his yearly check up — they really start to know about doctors and the nurses who hurt them (giving shots)…i tricked him and told him we were going to stonestown and not the doctor’s. he cried quickly and stopped – by then the pain of the shot is over.

  2. Ha ha ha ha! What a riot. You are officially the weird booby person now to your neighbors.

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