A Goody Bag from Shanna

Shanna sent us a goody bag for making a block for the quilts for the Kims. Isabelle loved the bag!! It kept her entertained for quite a bit. She pulled everything out and I do believe she stuck everything in her mouth except for the Pez candy. She drew in the little notebook and flipped through it’s pages. She chewed off the eraser from the pencil and chewed off the ears on a cute little eraser and bit up crayons and sadly broke them into pieces when she sat on them with her not so tiny butt. She was having so much fun scribbling with them. She chewed on the bracelet and happily wore it on her arm. And I let her play with it all except for the Pez because I didn’t want her to choke on candy but hey I let her put everything else in her mouth! ;-D See she would have actually tried to swallow the candy whereas everything else she spit out.

My favorite part was when she stuck the pencil in her mouth and shook her head back and forth, my silly girl. (hmmm…me thinks that she was copying the dogs, you know that shake they do with their toys) Thank you Shanna! Your goody bag was a huge hit here!

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