Books for Me and a New Isabelle Video

We had a very nice weekend. It was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown so we met Olinda there for lunch. We thought Isabelle would enjoy it but I mostly wanted to go here, where I got to hurriedly flip through books (hurriedly because of little tugging hands of course). I wasn’t planning on getting more children clothing books but I did. I actually wanted to get a book to make clothes for me but I ended up getting these two.

My favorite dresses from the book on the left, are this and this. And my favorites from the other book are this and this. Maybe we’ll go back next week for the parade and then I’ll get a book for me…maybe…

Anyhoo back to what I was saying. We had yummy food and walked around and then later that evening we had dinner with my father, sister, and nephew. And when we got back to my parent’s house Isabelle played with her cousin Ebow in his little car. And that’s the video I have to show. I missed it all. I was downstairs helping my dad but Alan got it on video using his camera phone! Yay!! So here it is,. I love the part where Isabelle pushes the button and claps her hands and shakes her head to the music.

3 thoughts on “Books for Me and a New Isabelle Video

  1. Soooooo cute! Wish i could squish her right now! I love the picture where you are showing which books you purchased and you can see izzy’s cute little toes in the picture! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

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