Daily Archives: April 30, 2007


There hasn’t been much sewing going on here lately. But instead lots of thinking about sewing or I should say fabric. Mainly preoccupation with printing on fabric. Here’s a peek.

Oh can’t see it? Sorry. I just love when Isabelle inserts herself into pictures.

How about this picture? Better? Ah sorry…only a little. Losing light and too much Isabelle around.

This was a test on fabric using my gocco. It didn’t turn out as I wanted. More on this another time when I can get better pictures.

And on a completely different subject. I read this post on Flickr earlier. So I went ahead and clicked on the profile to see the pictures. Hilarious and totally unexpected. Or I should say I FIND IT hilarious. Ten minutes after looking at it the first time I looked at it again. Still making me laugh.