Daily Archives: April 28, 2007

Trying Yogurt

Several weeks ago I saw baby bug over at Secret Agent Josephine playing with “finger paint”. Well ok it wasn’t finger paint it was yogurt with food coloring in it.

And that made me think. Isabelle hasn’t ever tried yogurt. We’re not much yogurt eaters here so we only have yogurt when I’m in the mood for it. Which is never. So I thought huh, let me go buy some for Isabelle to try!

So one night last week I opened up a container. Mmmm yum!!! I like yogurt. Don’t know why I don’t buy it more. So I took a little spoonful and let Isabelle try it. I can’t remember if she liked it. But she did grab my spoon. And she wouldn’t let go. So I thought, ok I’ll let her help herself. Then she grabbed the container. Uh oh.

So in the end I don’t know if she really ate any of it. But she sure had fun getting it everywhere. It was in her hair, all down the front of her shirt, the table, on me, on the doorknobs of when I grabbed her to bring her in for a bath…yeah EVERYWHERE!