Daily Archives: April 24, 2007

Thank You Shanna!

I was asking Shanna where she got twill tape from and she kindly sent them to me!! But not only did she send me the twill tape, she sent me all these cute clothing patterns too!! This one is my favorite.

It’s my favorite because of the tummy showing top. I was saying to Shanna (well not really saying because we were emailing but it’s easier to say saying because…oh whatever…back to what I was saying) that every time I look at that pattern, I laugh maniacally. Because I imagine Isabelle’s belly showing. I can’t wait to make that. Bwaaa haa haa!! Thank you so much Shanna!!

And on a completely different subject and because I know how much Olinda likes seeing pictures of Isabelle, and isn’t interested in craftiness or non Isabelle related posts, here is Isabelle in a little car of her own. I told Alan to go out and buy her a little car after she fell back and hit her head trying to play with one of those tiny walker rider toys.

It’s so cute watching her “drive” around like in the video. Then I made the mistake of putting in the little parent pushing stick. After that she wanted me to push push push her around. No more self powered “driving” at all. So much easier to grab mama’s hand and drag her to the car. Then get in making sure feet do not touch the floor and then if that’s not enough to make mama understand that it’s a mama powered car now…make little whining noises.