Daily Archives: November 27, 2006

Clothes for Dolly

Here is Dolly in clothes. She is just the kind of doll I’ve always wanted, with a dress and an apron.

Here’s the back of her apron. Her clothes have snaps so they’re removeable.

And she even has drawers and a petticoat!

I used garbage fabric for her clothes. I call it garbage fabric because my dad gave it to me. Three garbage bags full of fabric from some closed down factory. I chose the fabric for her petticoat and drawers because of the color. That was a big mistake! It was this slippery nightgown like material, really hard to sew with. That’s not really the best idea when you’re trying to learn something new. I was making shoes for her but I don’t like how they’re turning out so maybe she’ll just be shoeless.

Now back to my own dolls with some fresh ideas of where I want to go. :)