Daily Archives: November 21, 2006

Doll from a Pattern

With each nubby doll I make they evolve a little, my sewing gets better and I learn more. They inspire me to think of new dolly designs. I have sketches of dolls with real clothes instead of wraps and floppy bendy arms. So in my quest to learn more I thought I would try a real dolly pattern instead of one made up in my head. And here she is.

I love her! She was supposed to be completely practice just to get used to some new techniques. I used scrap fabric and I wasn’t planning to finish her at all. She was going to be this faceless hairless practice doll.

But as soon as I saw that curve in her back, I fell in love. She was headless and limbless and I adored her already. Ask Alan. I hugged her to me and told Alan how beautiful she was and she didn’t even look like anything yet. I have to finish her now. The girl needs some clothes!