Daily Archives: November 9, 2006

Silly Parent #27, Wanting to Wake The Baby

Wow I haven’t done a silly parent in a long time!

So the other day Isabelle was asleep. And we wanted her awake. I can’t remember why. So Alan was staring at her. Like hovering, crazy, wake up NOW cute baby kind of staring. I can’t remember if that got her awake. I’m thinking no.

So why do I mention this? Well she’s asleep and I want her awake. Think crazy staring will work? :-D We are late sleepers and late risers here. But the time change threw us off again. She’s been sleeping early some nights and late others. It usually happens when she goes down for her second nap and just sleeps through the night instead of waking up. But that means no dinner for us or the dogs and no showers. I so like food and showers.

Oh well guess I’ll get dinner and a shower tomorrow.

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