Monthly Archives: September 2006

Teeth, Two of Them

Isabelle has two new teeth on top to join the two bottom teeth. I’ve been trying and trying to take some good pictures of them. I haven’t been very successful as you can tell. This blurry shot is the best I could do.

Alan was positively giddy when he first noticed them. I on the other hand had visions of biting dancing in front of my eyes. BITING. And she has bitten.

One night she bit me as she was falling asleep. It HURT! I was quiet as a mouse though because I didn’t want to wake her up. And I lay there worried she might do it again. I actually broke out in a sweat worrying about it.

Now I don’t really think about it anymore even though she has bitten again, not while falling asleep but awake. I went OWWWW and NO! And she started crying. It was so sad. :( But being bitten is sad too. Hmm…now that I think of it. She hasn’t really bitten lately. Maybe startling her worked.

Blogging Break?

Alan’s on vacation for the next two weeks. Posting may be sporadic, may be. We aren’t traveling but are planning for Isabelle’s first birthday party on the 16th. We’ve invited family and friends. Have I ever mentioned how big Alan’s family is? He has a total of nine oops ten, we miscounted, aunts and uncles. Then if you count their spouses that’s eighteen oops twenty. And oh let’s not forget their kids. And they’re all invited!

And so this isn’t a pictureless post, here is a picture of Isabelle. She’s playing with this, push the green part and the balls spin around in there, toy. She didn’t use to know how to push it. I showed it to her months and months ago when she was new and just a lump and couldn’t push anything. The other day I pulled it out of her toy bin and pushed it to show her and she copied me. Wow where’d my little lump of a baby go? In her place is this little independent person who willingly crawls away to another room. Away from me! WOW. This whole past weekend Alan and I have just stopped and stared at her amazed that it’s almost a year and she’s grown so fast. Ok off on that little tangent I went when I just meant to post a picture and then hop off to bed.

Goodnight all and maybe you’ll be hearing from me before two weeks. MAYBE…

Isabelle is One!

Just a quick post to say our beautiful girl turned one! She got her first taste of cake! Which she did not really enjoy. Her big party is looming ever closer. Back to regular posting after all the partying. :)

Back to Regular Posting

Thank you all for the happy birthdays for Isabelle! I’m back to regular posting now…I think. Isabelle’s party was wonderful and oh so tiring. But I’ll save that for another post. Let me catch up a bit on other things that went on during our vacation.

One of which was this. One day last week, Isabelle was napping and Alan had started to fall asleep too. So I told him I was going to the other room and they could just have a nap together.

I was in the living room for about an hour when I hear this THWUMP! I run into the bedroom and see Isabelle on the floor starting to make crying noises and Alan under the blankets asleep. In my head I could imagine her crawling over Alan and falling off our very tall bed. I run over to her yelling ALAN!!!! and scoop her up into my arms. That’s when he runs out of the closet.

It wasn’t Alan asleep under the blankets. He had carefully laid the pillows into Alan form and covered it with a blanket. Then he placed Isabelle on the floor by the bed, made the loud baby falling off the bed noise, and hid in the closet waiting for me to run in and imagine all sorts of horrible things.

I was very upset. He was very sorry, very, very sorry.