Monthly Archives: August 2006

Silly Parent #21, Playing with Isabelle’s Toy

Isabelle has this toy where when you push the button, air pushes balls up out into the sky through a tube. I could hear it in the living room while I was cooking in the kitchen.

So Alan says “come look at this honey”. I’m thinking oh Isabelle must be doing something cute. I go out to look and Alan is sitting by the toy. He pushes the button and I look at Isabelle. Instead of balls flying out, all this finger food for babies comes out of the tube and Alan’s sitting there swaying around tring to catch it in his mouth. It’s the cutest silliest thing.

I’m chuckling about it for a while and when Alan hears me he asks “what are you laughing at”. I tell him, “you trying to catch the food” and I continue laughing. And I hear him say to Isabelle from the other room, “your mom’s weird.” Yeah, I’m the weird one.

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Cupcakes. Yum!

I’ve been wanting to make these yellow cupcakes with chocolate ganache frosting for ages. I finally made them yesterday. I baked them longer than I would have liked though. I put Isabelle down for a nap and Alan took them out of the oven for me. I had forgot to set the timer early for him to check. Oh well. Didn’t keep me from gobbling down too many of them. Ganache is yummy! I have leftover that would go great with ice cream. Aaaah…ice cream…

The recipe is from super eggplant from back in February. Yeah, that’s how long I’ve been wanting to make these.