Silly Parent #20, We’re Not Quick Enough

Isabelle has gotten so fast. We’re so proud of her when she crawls her way to something quickly. The other day I was sitting reading a magazine and Alan was watching her crawl towards Nestle. He’s all look at our girl!

Nestle was eating and Isabelle had pulled herself up to stand by the ottoman. Alan and I were talking about whether or not Nestle was going to be ok with Isabelle so close to her food. I said of course, we trained her not to be territorial over her food. We used to take it away when she was eating as a puppy. Then Alan goes Oh my gawd I think she has dog kibble in her mouth! Yep she did. Alan pried it out of her mouth while I laughed because SHE HAD IT IN HER MOUTH. He didn’t think it was funny. See, Nestle was fine with sharing her food. And man is Isabelle fast.

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5 thoughts on “Silly Parent #20, We’re Not Quick Enough

  1. That is funny I think every baby w/ a dog has eaten dog food. Heck at kal kan (where I worked on a proj once) they had people test the food (no not a joke and yes yuck) so I am sure she is fine 😉

  2. Ha! I actually tried to trick my little brothers into eating dog food by putting a piece into my mouth and pretending to chew. The trick didn’t work because I couldn’t keep from gagging. It was so salty. And, yes, I was the best big sister, ever …

  3. Baaaaww Haaahahaaahaaa! Freakin hilarious! Izzy’s so cute! Love the picture w/ her a Waldo looking so sad. Heehee

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