Daily Archives: July 21, 2006

My Favorite Necklace

This is my “mommy necklace“. That’s what I call it. Or my “distracting necklace“. My sister got it for me and I use it to distract Isabelle from her pinching and scratching when I’m nursing her. It doesn’t always distract her but it does sometimes. She will lay there and grab at it instead of my boobs. I love it.

On the weekend I left it at my friend’s house when we went swimming. So we went to pick it up on Tuesday on our way out to do some shopping. I then got distracted talking to my friend and didn’t put it on right away. I put it in my lap instead and when I got out of the car it dropped in the parking lot. When we got home I couldn’t find it. I was so upset. Alan went out of his way before work back to the store and found it. Isn’t he the greatest?! I have the best husband ever! My boobs are so grateful. :)