Daily Archives: July 16, 2006

Tiered Skirt

Isabelle has a lot of bright shirts like this. When she wears them her little diapered booty is hanging out because she doesn’t have any skirts and it’s too warm for pants. So I made her a tiered skirt. She looks so adorable in it.

It’s made of muslin because that’s what I had on hand. It’s simple and will go with any color. I was rushing to finish it because the urge to sew it up happened on the day she turned ten months old. I wanted her to be wearing her new skirt for our family picture and Alan had to go to work soon. So it was rushed, rushed, rushed and therefore a little sloppy. The mistakes are not noticeable unless you look for them though. I’d love to make some more. I wonder if it would be hard to make one for me?

I found the link for the tutorial through Pink Trees but the page for the tutorial seems to be gone.