Daily Archives: July 15, 2006


I forgot to mention this on Isabelle’s tenth month recap because I’ve gotten so used to it. Isabelle has gotten amazingly squirmy! I used to be able to set her somewhere and she would just stay there. But once she figured out she could stand and move around that was it for the staying there.

It started in her stroller. So one day she turned around and just stood up. Since then she barely stays still in that thing.

Then it happened in her little massage chair. She would turn around in the seat, then stand up, hold on, and bounce a little. And if I try to buckle her in, man she would complain.

Now the funniest squirming is when I’m trying to nurse her to sleep. She turns onto her stomach and gets her legs under her and then sticks her little butt into the air. Once she even stuck one of her legs up in the air, my silly squirmy baby. All while latched on still.

I wish could take some pictures. But in the case of the stroller and the chair I’m too busy making sure she doesn’t fall. And the nursing well obviously I don’t want to show the boobage. :)