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Month Ten with Isabelle

Yesterday Isabelle turned ten months old. TEN! We’ve been talking about throwing her a birthday party and I know it’s two months away but it’s going to fly by too fast. Sometimes Alan just grabs her up in his arms and says “Stop it! Stop it! You’re growing too fast!” And she is. Sniffle sniffle…

Ok a recap of this past month with our little munchkin:

  • She got her first diaper rash! Waaah!! Let’s hope she never gets another one. She shouldn’t have even had that one. Twack! Twack! The sound of us kicking ourselves.
  • She got her first tooth! Not like she’s going to let us look at it much. She quite objects to having us sticking our fingers into her mouth for a little peek.
  • She’s figured out standing this month. It’s been fun watching her progress from shaky pulling herself up to confident I do this all the time pulling up. Here’s a link to the video in case you missed it the first time.
  • Isabelle can crawl forward now. You can’t keep a good baby down. :) She’s a quick little nipper (what was I watching that that word is in my head?) I put her on the floor the other night and she crawled quick as can be around to Waldo and stole the toy he was playing with. He then proceeded to whine like the big baby he is. Oh and the video of her crawling and dancing in case you missed it.
  • She went swimming for the first time. She didn’t think much of it.
  • She’s taken an interest in the dogs now. Or maybe it’s their toys, no, just joking it’s the dogs.
  • She’s figured out how to climb over stuff. Alan had the brilliant idea of pulling the air mattress out so she’s playing on her playmat surrounded on all four sides. Well she figured out quick enough to get out of there by climbing the air mattress. So she just goes about climbing here, there, and over us if we’re in her way. Now she needs to figure out how to get down.
  • * We got her a walker rider thing this month. She hasn’t really used it though. It’s sort of scary. She stands there and loses her balance and doesn’t let go and the walker just gets away from her. So it’s in the ride position.
  • I created a little monster. I downloaded this program where Isabelle can hit computer keys without messing up any files. And then idiot that I am, I showed it to her. Guess what she loves to do? Pound the crap outta the computer. In this picture she’s sitting so calmy. She’s graduated to standing and smashing her little palms onto the keys. Oh and on Alan’s computer which doesn’t have that handy program by the way. She’s obsessed with the computer now. She has actually thrown a fit when I try to keep her from it. Yes a monster, that’s what I’ve created.
  • Some time ago she stopped the pinching scratching thing I mentioned on her seven month. But for some reason she’s started again and I have little cuts on my boobs again. Aaaah!!
  • And finally, she’s interested in what we’re eating. In fact I gave her a little piece of something and when she wanted more she threw a fit when I didn’t give it to her fast enough. :-D Hee hee hee!
  • Wow I’m finally ending one of these without a I gotta go she’s fussing! Did I remember everything? I think so. Aah ok family picture time.

    I had a really hard time choosing a family picture this time. There were so many that I loved. Do I go with the one where I like the look on her face, or the one with her thumb in her mouth, or rawr, or the one where we’re actually all looking at the camera, or the one where Alan makes crazy eyes, or he looks like he’s going to bite her. No none of those. I’ll choose this one, because I like how her feet are sticking up towards the camera. Ok goodnight!
    Ten months famiy picture

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    * Update above.