Daily Archives: July 6, 2006

Summer Layout and a Scare

It’s been so warm lately. My banner with us all bundled up was just screaming for a change. So change it is.


OOoh scary…as I was trying to post this and update everything Isabelle started to fuss a little in her sleep. So I went to lay down next to her when all of a sudden we had a power outage. Usually we sleep with our closet light on so when the power went out that went out. Luckily my laptop was open so light was coming from there. Unluckily it’s low on batteries so it went dark and WE WERE IN THE PITCH DARK. No white noise and no light. I got up to look for some light and panicked a bit.

Do you know how scary it is to fumble around in the house in the dark looking for a lighter you hope is where you remembered it while your sleeping daughter is in your big bed? Well let me tell you. It’s fucking scary.

All the thoughts that were banging around in my head: I worried that if I couldn’t find a light then how to get back into bed without being able to see Isabelle!! And then I couldn’t find our candles that used to be on the coffee table because we moved it when we made room for the air mattress. And then I couldn’t call Alan because I need a new cell phone and the cordless phones don’t work because hello they need electricity. and the regular corded phone that used to be in the second bedroom just for this case got moved when it became Isabelle’s room. I don’t know where our plug in the wall charge up flashlights are. They aren’t plugged in. Honey plug them in. Ya reading this? Oh and what the hell do I do if I can’t find light and the power stays off all night? Awww!! Those were some of my panicked thoughts. I don’t know how many more I had groping around in the dark…

And yes I managed to find a lighter and candles. And luckily the power came back on eventually.

But can you feel how panicked I was by this incoherent post?

I just realized how very unprepared we are in case of an emergency.