My Little Baby Has Eczema

This picture doesn’t show Isabelle’s little red itchies. I thought this was a nicer picture to share. She had just fallen asleep rocked in Alan’s arms.

So anyhoo back to what I was going to say. Isabelle had some dry skin on her arms. I thought it would go away but it didn’t. It got worse and then she started scratching at her belly. It’s all red and it’s so sad. So we saw the doctor today.

The doctor says she has eczema. She recommended a 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, lukewarm baths with Dove soap, Benadryl, and Eucerin lotion to start. If that doesn’t help I may have to change my diet. I think she said peanuts, milk, and crab are likely culprits. But she said to go with the creams and such first. It sounds so complicated. Isabelle’s not going to like the Benadryl. We’ve had no luck with Tylenol or vitamin drops. It makes her gag and vomit. So maybe I’ll just start with Dove baths and Eucerin lotion and see how that goes. Wish us luck!

Update: Alan thinks my idea SUCKS. He doesn’t understand why I don’t want to use the prescription hydrocortisone cream. He says she’ll just get worse.

6 thoughts on “My Little Baby Has Eczema

  1. Oh, poor thing! I hope all those help and that she’s not allergic to anything. Marie and I will wish you all the luck! Get better very soon, Isabelle!

  2. poor baby! – my son has just a mild version on his legs but we just use the aveeno oatmeal lotion. my friend’s 8 month old has it bad but they gave him an allegy test to see what he was allergic to avoid those foods and it has been helping.

  3. Poor Isabelle. :( Joshua has it too — on various spots on his arms and legs and on his left cheek. We use Aquaphor made by Eucerin and that seems to be working well. It’s an ointment so it’s thicker and stays on longer than the creams and lotions. Let me know how it goes… (Sweet picture by the way!!) :)

  4. What a beautiful photo! I hope Isabelle feels better soon with the least amount of stuff. Benedryl does come in an ointment too. Maybe that would work better than oral.

  5. hi found your blog through sew i knit! and it seems like lately i’m spreading the word about my son’s FANTASTIC eczema cream! ( It’s made by Baby Orajel and it’s a cream (there’s also a baby wash); it has all sorts of yummy smelling ingredients (calendula, aloe, etc.)and has helped my son’s eczema so much that it’s almost gone! I pour a little wash into his bath and then right after he dries off i “grease him up” with the cream and put on long sleeved shirts and pants…this stuff is greasy and can leave grease marks on clothes/furniture if you’re not careful. you can buy it at rite aid, walgreens, and target (that’s the only places i know of, walmart doesn’t carry it). we tried the hydrocortizone and the other things dr’s tell you and nothing worked. 4 years of him itching and we finally find the miracle cream! try it! if you can’t find it where you are i am more than willing to send you some!! i hate to hear of a itchy baby! a cutie too!

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