Daily Archives: May 17, 2006

Pee Pee Monster Softie

This was one of the ideas I had for the store I wanted to make. This is a pee pee monster softie to match the pee pee monster onesie. If you remember, this picture was from when I briefly had a Cafepress store for 2 weeks in December.

It is of course inspired by my own little pee pee monster, Isabelle. This is my first softie EVER…well first sewn softie of my own making I should say. Knit softies are completely different.

Problems with it: I wanted a brighter yellow but when I was at the fabric store this was the only yellow felt there. I really need to learn how to close it properly. Now the bottom where I stuffed it is a little wonky. I couldn’t turn the arms and legs inside out. It was too hard. I’ll have to figure that one out. The embroidered face is a little messy. The point on the top is well…not a point. Need to fix that one too.

But on the whole I like it. I like little imperfect toys. Oh and a picture of Isabelle holding it for scale.