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Month Eight With Isabelle

Oh my gawd!! We have internet access!! We’ve been down for a couple of days and a man just came and fixed us. :) YAY!!

So, Isabelle turned eight months old on Friday and gave us a challenge sleepwise. She only slept for four hours and then decided to wake up fully at 3am in the morning. Luckily for me Alan was awake and took her for a couple of hours and then she came back to bed for another 5 hours. Happily that was the only night and not a new pattern she developed.

Ok, on with the little recap of this past month.

  • Isabelle does full on face plants. She reaches for toys and falls right over without a care. She’s usually on the air mattress or the bed so it’s nice and soft and maybe that’s why she does it with such abandon.
  • She is trying to figure out crawling. Right now she’s managing to scoot backwards but hasn’t figured out the forward motion yet (if you don’t count the face plants). And I wouldn’t call it crawling. It’s more of a wiggle my body around and hey I’m moving backwards.
  • Isabelle does wonderfully on car rides now. I don’t know if it’s because she realizes she’s going somewhere to see something or what exactly has changed but it’s really nice. That’s why we could drive down to the Maker Faire without worrying about her fussing. We’ve been invited to go to Disneyland next month but I think that might be just too long of a ride.
  • We had our first dinner out at a restaurant. She did wonderfully and since then we’ve gone out several more times.
  • She has become a regular miss grabby. She is always trying to grab my glasses now.
  • Isabelle got to ride in the grocery cart without her car seat…for all of 2 seconds. We think she’s so big now so we thought she would be fine in the shopping cart. But once we put her in, she looked so tiny and we were worried she would topple over and hit her head on the cart. So back into her car seat she went.
  • She tried peas for the first time. She did not like them, at all at all. Actually she doesn’t seem to really like anything except rice cereal and breast milk.
  • She figured out how fun it is to take off her hat. I was reading somewhere that a tip for that is to replace it with another hat immediately so the baby thinks she got the hat off. Does that really work?
  • Oh and eczema! :( Worst part of this past month!

    Ok that’s it for this post. Isabelle’s fussing for a nap.
    Eight months famiy picture

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