Daily Archives: May 11, 2006

I Did It

After everyone’s comments I thought I would go put some hydrocortizone on Isabelle today. And when I lifted her onesie, I noticed her little belly (you know I keep saying belly but it’s really over her belly and chest) looked better and I hadn’t even put the hydrocortizone on. It didn’t look as red as it did yesterday. So I decided to put some on a small area just to make sure she didn’t have a reaction to it. I used the over the counter 1% hydrocortizone instead of the prescription. It says “MAXIMUM STRENGTH” and when we were buying it I said why do all of them say maximum strength? It’s for a baby, I want regular strength. So anyhoo she seemed to do fine with it so the next time I rubbed it all over.

So today I’ve been trying to figure out why it was better even before the hydrocortizone. I did use the Eucerin lotion yesterday and that’s when it looked bad. Or maybe it was because it was so hot yesterday. Did I use the Eucerin lotion today? Today wasn’t as hot. I don’t know. I think I should start keeping track in a notebook.